About SGP

The Sesame Genome Project

The blue print for the Sesame Genome Project was conceived and designed by the Sesame Genome Working Group (SGWG) in 2009. Yuzhi 11, a cultivar planted widely in China was selected as sesame genome sequencing material. The genome size of the cultivar is estimated by flow cytometry to be about 369 Mb. The Sesame Genome Project comprises three parts: â… . Sesame genome sequencing and the frame map and fine map construction, â…¡. Sesame genome Annotation and functional genomics research, â…¢. Sesame Comparative genome and molecular evolution research. The goals of the sesame genome map and Annotation would be completed by December 2013. The sesame genome data prior to publication will be publicly communicated gradually via Sesame Genome Project website so as to advance sesame scientific research in the best way.